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40,000 more foreign workers 'unsustainable' - PN

The Nationalist Party has branded government's plan to sustain economic growth by bringing over some 40,000 workers in the next four years as "unsustainable".
Such approach would have a detrimental impact on the Maltese in terms of accommodation, the environment and wages, the party said.
The concerns were raised in a news conference addressed by Nationalist?MPs Kristy Debono and Ivan Bartolo.
Their remarks came back on the heels of a statement issued on Tuesday by the Federation of Estate Agents which warned that Maltese tenants would end up homeless if government forged ahead with its plan bring over 60,000 workers.
According to the Federation, the existing stock of vacant properties was not enough even when considering apartments still under construction. The existing shortage was resulting in a bidding war, in which Maltese tenants were constantly being outpriced, the federation said.
In view of this it called on the government for emergency social housing, to avoid a "disaster".
In her remarks, Ms Debono?this afternoon questioned government's policy on various fronts. "What is the target population" What studies have been carried out in terms of rent rates, accommodation,...

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