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Malta International Airport - FAQ

While there are two airports in Malta, the one in Gozo is a small one and isn't really an international airport. Nowadays it is rather an old closed heliport, and there have been no commercial flights from Malta to Gozo since 2006.

Malta Airport (MLA) is currently serving the whole of the Maltese Islands and is located in the town of Gudja, southwest of Valletta. When you're looking for the airport on the map though, you're better off looking for Luqa.

The Malta International Airport is growing steadily, now serving over 6 million passengers a year.

Malta is a small country, so any weird questions about any other airport don't really sound weird in here, but just before answering them, I can assure you that MLA is totally okay airport.

Can you eat in Malta airport?
Yes, you can. There are a number of cafeterias, bars, and restaurants in the airport.

Can you smoke in Malta airport?
Yes, Malta airport has a huge smoking terrace in the departures area.

Which airlines fly to Malta?
There are lots of different airlines flying to Malta, but the top 10 are Ryanair, Air Malta, Easyjet, Lufthansa, Wizz Air, Turkish Airlines, Alitalia, Emirates, British Airways, and Vueling.

How can I get from Malta airport to Sliema, Valletta, or anywhere else?
There are a number of buses going between Malta Airport to different cities. Although it might take the bus quite a long time to reach its destination. Based on personal experience, the bus X2 from the airport to Sliema might take anywhere from 35 minutes to one hour and 20 minutes. So it might be worth to take a taxi instead, considering depending on traffic, taxi usually takes just between 10 and 17 minutes. And if you use this taxify link to download their app, you get up to EUR 5 off from your first ride. Usually the ride from airport to Sliema costs around EUR 12 and 17. The price consists of Base fare (should be around EUR 3.50 - EUR 4.50), Minute rate (around EUR 10/hour) and kilometer rate (around 1 EUR/km). But to keep it simple, it's roughly EUR 4 base fare plus EUR 1/km.

Can you sleep in Malta Airport?
If you need to stay at the airport overnight for some reason, it's definitely possible. Although it might not be the most comfortable place for sleeping. If you're staying at the airport overnight to save money, keep in mind that food costs inside the airport are like...well, any other airport. And cheap food is not within quick reach outside of the airport, so you should have your sandwiches with you.

Does Malta Airport have free wifi?
Yes, Malta airport does have free wifi available everywhere.

Does Malta Airport have charging stations available?
Yes. If you need to charge your laptop or phone, device charging stations are available throughout the airport. And there are also electrical sockets for charging available elsewhere at the airport.
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