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Prices in Malta, is Malta expensive?

Prices in Malta can vary a lot. In general I wouldn't say it's an expensive country. However, there are couple of things in here that seem more expensive compared to the general living costs. One of these is the price of taxis in Malta, although thanks to Taxify the taxi rides have gone slightly cheaper. Taxify prices are around EUR 4 plus EUR 1/km. Other taxis are generally more expensive. White taxis are the most expensive ones, so beware.

Also rent prices have been going up extremely fast within the last 5-10 years. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment that is not located in a city center is over EUR 600 these days. If you wanted to rent a one bedroom flat in Gzira or Sliema, you'll be extremely lucky if you found something for EUR 650. The average asking prices are more likely to be EUR 750-EUR 800 and can very easily exceed that by a lot.

Also anything to do with internet and mobile isn't on the cheap side either. Expect to pay EUR 30 a month for a simple 50Mbps/3Mbps broadband connection or the same for local mobile subscription.

But when it comes to beer for example, you might find places where prices for a normal generic beer is just EUR 1.50 (although the average might be closer to EUR 2.50 now). Food comes in all forms and prices. You can get oily pies from pastizzerias for 30 cents or a decent(ish) Timpana for EUR 1.50 - EUR 2. Or you can go for an English breakfast which costs anywhere from EUR 5 to EUR 10. The average pasta dish would probably set you back around EUR 7-EUR 10.

If you're interested in any other prices, feel free to leave a message or better yet, send me an email - you can find my contact in the bottom of the page.
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