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Look good for the next festa

Look good for the next festa
2016-08-09 02:18:39

The first time I went to Malta, it was nice and weird at the same time. While it's still pretty much the same, by now I've gotten used to it. So what was so weird? Well, lots of things. We can start with wrongly written weird traffic (or other) signs, we can talk about the fact that Malta is a rock, there's nothing green in there (yes, Maltese people, there is some green in a few places, but I'm talking about the overall impression), the traffic is simply crazy (until you get used to it), people drive drunk during the nights (and that's sort of an unwritten rule), and you see (well, you actually only hear them) fireworks during the day time. What's up with that?

As it turned out, Malta has lots of festivals, religious festivals throughout the year. A small (or big) festa in every small locality at least once every year. Or lots more, who knows. I couldn't really say, but it seems there's a festa at least somewhere every day, or more. In case of a regular country that would be nothing. For a country to have 300+ festas a year, that's nothing. But Malta is a country only around 15km*25km big (316sq km). And these are just festas, in addition to them there are also parties, bigger music festivals, fireworks festivals, and so on, so on. And Maltese like their fireworks, they really do. Whether it's a fireworks festival or ANYTHING else, you're sure to see, or hear, the fireworks.

If you like all this kind of events, then based on experience, they might tire you out pretty well, and your face might end looking like...well, not festa-like, more like morning-after-10-festas-like, so visiting a make-up artist in Malta every once in a while might be a rather good idea. Yes, I know, usually people use make-up artists for something big, like fashion shows, or weddings, or whatever else like that, but as a visitor/fan of all of those festas happening in Malta, it might be a good idea to make sure you look good at all times - maybe a permanent make-up would be good? Hmm, then again, that's what they call masks.

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