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Food in Malta

The Maltese love their food. Yet, I know many foreigners who don't think too much of the food in Malta. And some places which have great food, they also tend to have rather high prices. Although, to be honest, that's not necessarily the rule.

What are some popular maltese foods?

It's cheap and it's filling. You can find cheap pastizzi pretty much everywhere. While these days those pastizzi places offer you lots of different pies and stuff, the most common ones for Maltese people are pastry stuffed with paste of peas or ricotta cheese. Also Maltese snacks such as Qassatat which is again pastry stuffed with peas, spinach, or cheese. You can also have sausage rolls, Timpana (pasta dish), or Arancini (rice dish). Prices in pastizzerias usually don't go above 2 EUR, except maybe one or two items.

Malta being a Mediterranean country, it makes sense that fish is popular here. Although, based on experience, very often the fish is deep fried for some reason. But you can definitely find enough fresh fish around as well.

I would say that's the most popular food-food in Malta. Or at least most traditional one.

Of course, Malta being full of foreigners, you can find lots of restaurants offering you dishes from around the world - from Ecuador to Thai, from Italy to Turkish and Vietnamese.

According to Lovingmalta, these are the best international restaurants on the island:

- Frida Street Canteen, Ta' Xbiex (Mexican)
- Nargile Lounge, Marsaskala (Indian / Arabic)
- House of Ho, St Julians (Vietnamese)
- Afghan Natural, Hamrun (Afghani)
- MedAsia Fusion Lounge, Sliema (Japanese)
- China House, St Julians (Chinese)
- Bad Bull BBQ House, Bugibba (American)
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