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Artistic intervention tackles over-development in Sliema

Press Release Il-Kamra ta' Barra Artistic intervention in Sliema; Parking Space Events & Margerita Pul? 7 June 2018 For immediate release
?Parking Space Events (Greta Muscat Azzopardi, Johannes Buch and Letta Shtohryn) recently collaborated with Margerita Pul? to produce Il-Kamra ta' Barra.
The short artistic intervention recreated the atmosphere of a respectable and elegant sitting room in a site adjacent to a large building site in Howard Street, literally bringing the?kamra (room) barra?(outside).
Offering visitors a comfortable armchair and a drink, Il-Kamra ta' Barra explored possibilities around the now ever-present building sites that dot the area, and indeed much of Malta.
Passers-by and guests were invited into the kamra ta' barra and asked how they feel about the changes around Sliema and what they think makes a good neighbourhood.
People were invited to cross the non-existent boundary between '"outside' (ie the street) and '"inside' (the temporary sitting-room), and to sit and discuss issues of public space, neighbourhoods and urban aesthetics.
Many residents of Sliema and other nearby localities, as well as artists and academics visited the event to experience the...

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