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Valletta community worker to flag residents' needs

A community worker funded by the private sector will be flagging the specific social needs of Valletta residents, such as loneliness among the elderly or the affordability?of after-school?tuition.
This community worker, whose employment with the local council is being financed by the Alf Mizzi Foundation, will carry out a '"needs analysis' of the capital's residents, mayor Alexiei Dingli said on Monday.
"This would help us understand whether, for example, we need to introduce after-school private lessons, which not everyone in Valletta affords.
"We could also look into loneliness issues among the elderly, and maybe introduce some initiative through which elderly people keep a look out for fellow elderly residents," the mayor noted.
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Dr Dingli added that other initiatives which could stem from such an analysis could strengthen some of the residents' skills, making them more employable.
The community worker will also bring together various entities that organise events in the capital.
"Valletta hosts several events, organised by the government, church and private sectors, but there is not much cooperation between them.

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