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Throat-slitting gesture leads to rape charges against man

A man who allegedly threatened his young daughter with a throat-slitting gesture, was remanded in custody on Tuesday after that umpteenth incident sparked a report by the girl's mother alleging that she had been raped by the man in August.
The alleged culprit, a 51-year old Hamrun resident, was arrested and questioned by the police before being arraigned over charges related to the alleged rape of his estranged partner and threats made to her and the couple's two young children.
Prosecuting Inspector John Spiteri explained how the woman was prompted into action when her 11-year old daughter claimed that her father had made a throat-slashing gesture when he met her on the street. He also told the court that the woman had in the past filed many reports against her partner.?
The man had a shop close to the home of his estranged family, which meant that encounters between the parties were rather inevitable, the court was told.
Defence lawyer Jason Grima contested the validity of the arrest, questioning why proceedings over the alleged rape were being instituted now, over two months later. He said that there had been endless reports against his client, all of which had never resulted...

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