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Blood donors to get gift from MAPFRE

Those donating blood in the coming months will be getting a small keepsake as a token of appreciation from Mapfre Middlesea and MapfreMSV Life.
"Those donating blood are donating the gift of life and this is our way of showing our appreciation and hopefully encouraging others to donate blood too," Felipe Navarro, chief executive officer of MapfreMiddlesea said during a presentation of one of the gift mugs at the Blood Unit.
Mapfre Middlesea and Mapfre?MSV Life support the National Blood Transfusion Unit throughout the year by organising activities to incentivise all staff members to donate blood at least twice a year.
Blood Donation Day is celebrated annually at all Mapfre companies across the globe. During this event, around 5,500 units of blood are donated.
The blood from donations is used to treat a wide range of ailments caused by anaemia and different types of cancer, and also for surgical interventions, organ transplants and treatment in the case of accidents, haemorrhage and burns.
It is estimated that 50 bags of blood a days are needed for such interventions in Malta.
If you wish to donate blood, please visit the Blood Transfusion Unit in Pieta.

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