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Jersey: the big apple Tennerfest

Jersey, the nine-by-five-mile island a hundred miles off the southern coast of England and 15 from the coast of northwest France, is well known as a tax haven. The UK crown dependency boasts nearly 3,000 millionaires out of a population of 90,000.
But now it's becoming famous for its chefs and cuisine. Your gastric juices automatically start getting loud and difficult to mask when the Channel island is mentioned. It's probably the best place to eat in the British Isles.
You think of its royal potatoes, '"heritage' tomatoes (and carrots), Royal Bay oysters, lobsters, spider and chancre crabs, hand-dived scallops, bi-valve mussels and its beef. And your palate swoons.
But black butter may not come so quickly to mind. Although the ancient fare won't diminish your saliva production. Although it may increase the waist.
Jersey cider butter is an ancient hangover from the times when the Channel island was covered in apple orchards. And cider drinkers.

St Lawrence's La Faisie d'Cidre celebrates Jersey's rich heritage of growing apples and making cider. The highlight is traditional cider making '" using horsepower to pulverise apples, then building layers of pulp on a press to extract juice.

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