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Everybody loves a superhero

Esplora Science Centre is set to be transformed into a hub of activity as the most popular superheroes and villains from the cinematic universe take over. Adam Brimmer catches up with organiser Justin Camilleri to find out more.
How was the idea born"
2012 was a '"Marvel-lous' year, and the idea of holding a massive superheroes and science event has been in the pipeline since then. At the time, we had already started organising small events for the general public, titled Science Fiction vs Science Fact. Most of these focused on the science behind The Avengers, Batman and Spiderman.
?From there, we started organising superhero science events in schools, where we sought to identify and draw together the large number of superhero and science enthusiasts on the island. All these have now built up to this two-day event being organised at Esplora Science Centre.
This is your second event at Esplora, if I am correct" How was the first one received"
The first event was Science Meets Star Wars in November 2017, and the response we got exceeded our expectations. The Force is certainly strong on the island.
What should visitors to the event expect"
It's going to be a weekend with activities...

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