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Malta becomes independent

Joseph M. Pirotta:Fortress Colony: THE FINAL ACT 1945-64, Vol. IV, 1961-1964, Midsea Books, 1,187 pp., 2018.?
The MLP-Church dispute continued after the 1962 election, although several attempts were made at a rapprochement between the two sides, including one by (now Cardinal) Prospero Grech, who tried to mediate with the Vatican.

Joseph Pirotta refers to Dom Mintoff's secret overtures to the Italian government in 1963 to integrate Malta with Italy, which he discussed in talks with the Italian government. The MLP had sent a secret memo?randum to Italy, seeking for Malta the same relationship with Italy as that enjoyed by San Marino or Sicily. However, the Italians rebuffed the proposal.
By this time, Colonial Secretary Duncan Sandys wanted Malta to become independent as soon as possible; while the Centre parties wanted a referendum, the MLP insisted on a general election before independence.
Meanwhile, the Attorney-General (later Chief Justice), Professor J.J. Cremona drafted the government's Independence Constitution, incorporating changes suggested by a PN committee, which was discussed at length in Cabinet and also by the PN executive.
Sandys called an all-party conference...

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