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Towns and areas in Malta

L-Imtarfa (Imtarfa)

Imtarfa, or Mtarfa is a small town close to Rabat and Mdina in the north of Malta, with a population of 2,569 people.

Mtarfa formed part of Rabat local council when these were first set up in Malta in 1993. In 2000 Mtarfa elected its first local council after an amendment was made to the Local Councils Act.

In April 2008, due to failure on the part of the council to meet at least once a month as required by the Local Council Act, the Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi recommended to the President of the Republic to dissolve the local council and to set up a temporary committee to administer the affairs of the locality. The Mtarfa local council had failed to meet since November of the previous year allegedly over disagreements on the appointment of the council's Executive Secretary. (Wiki)
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