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Things I probably love about Malta the most

Things I probably love about Malta the most
2016-08-09 02:18:48

A bit more than two years ago, beginning of April, I was laying on my bed and thinking - it's time to go abroad a again. Last few years I had visited Portugal quite a few times, last time being one-month long trip. And I thought that it might be a good time to check some place I had never been to before.

Obviously, there was lots of places I hadn't visited, but I decided this time I was going to stay in Europe as well and now had to decide where. My mind is usually looking for three things.

1. Nothing much more expensive than my home country. As, while I can work from anywhere as long as I have my laptop and wireless internet, also my paycheck doesn't change.
2. As I always need to (or well, actually want to) be available online to work, it needs to be a country with good internet access. And I really like to do my morning work sets in cafeterias. So the country needs to have free wireless in most of the cafeterias.
3. While I don't necessarily need to swim (to be honest, I seldom do), I do like to be close to the sea as much as possible.
4. I like warm weather. Enough said?

And in Europe I decided between Portugal (but I had already been there and I actually wanted to go somewhere new), Tenerife, Cyprus, Greece, and Malta. As I managed to find a good flight to Malta in a few days time, I decided to go there. Obviously, as things tend to happen, the good flight wasn't that good at all. It was with Ryanair. It's not a bad airline for short flights, but I had a layover in Milan, and I had to stay there close to 20 hours, staying at the airport overnight. By the time my flight to Malta was about to take off I was tired, fed up, and really wanted to sleep. And I slept, in the plane. I remember having a really good dream, and when woke up I said to myself, wow, it's going to be great in Malta. And the first day there I couldn't stop smiling.

Now, two years later, having been there on six different occasions, or time-wise, around 8 months total, it's become sort of a second home for me (after all, I've been there around 1/3 of the time within the last two years). It's very 'homey'. I know the people, I know the places (even though most of the island is still new to me, as I'm not a very touristy person - I go there and I just live there).

There are a few things I love about malta the most, besides the four things I mentioned for my country-selection requirements in the first place.

1. Variety of people. While Malta is really small, at all times there are probably people from almost every country in the world. And I'm not talking about the place being touristic. Most of the foreigners I know or have met there are living in Malta and working, or studying. From my experience only a small percentage are tourists. Not 100% sure where I would place myself - probably somewhere in between.
2. The second official language in Malta is English, which makes it easy for me. In some areas of Malta it's pretty fun to hear Maltese people speak to each other in Maltese, and then while saying good bye, the say "Good bye", in English.
3. I like to go running as often as I feel like it (that's as inconcrete as one can be, but hey, that's me) and running on the seaside is great in there. And if you do that, you can also get to see more of the country.
4. The nightlife. I do hate the clubs, in Malta or anywhere else, in Malta even more so probably. But I like the fact that independent of the day, you have enough places to go to have a beer or six. And you're not alone in the bar.

While these are just a few things, and by the sound of them, they are nothing special, but these are the things that bring me back there. Of course, I could add a few extra details to all of them like I already know some people there, I have my regular coffee and beer places, etc, that I like a lot, but by the end of the day, these are just unnecessary details.

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